Welcome to LoveLightStickyStuff,

your very own Spiritual Service Station.


You're likely to be in one of two categories if you are looking at this page :

1.      You are just setting out on your spiritual path and want to know how best to get started

2.      You are on your path and want to know how to develop further

Your life is amazing!

The purpose of this website is to help you find out why………… 

            • Amaze yourself

            • Amaze others

            • Amaze God

Your mind is the search engine for your soul!

Your life is a spiritual journey. 

We will all reach the destination sooner or later - what matters is ……………

            • What you learn

            • What development you achieve

            • How many others you help

This site celebrates Spirituality based on the principles of Spiritualism (as I understand and interpret them) and the links with the Spirit source from which we all come and to which we will all return. This is not a religious site and does not seek to indoctrinate - merely to liberate.


What this site offers is :                     

            • Possible ways to begin

            • Possible ways to develop further

            • Possible ways to share


Hopefully what this site will do is ……………

           • Make you smile

           • Make you laugh

           • Make you think

           • Make you want to pursue your own personal spiritual search

Your journey is unending...

Simply put, the following are your signpost routes for development :-

  Spiritualist Churches (see links below)

  Development Circles

  Healing Centres

  Workshop Providers


Links to Spiritualist Churches (UK) : 

There is a good website which helps identify churches, centres and sanctuaries in the uk at www.thespiritualist.org.uk/index  It's a free service and can be updated by new entries.